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    TrusCont Secure Flash Drives fully support all TrusCont USB copy protection features: Software & data copy protection, write protection, partitioning, CD Emulation, time limits & secure updates. Free shipping & logo printing for orders of 20+ flash drives. Typically it’s best to transition into 3.0 media when copy protecting large content / video files because the speed performance of the drive is better than 2.0 devices.
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    Use this Demo Kit for evaluating TrusCont DVD and USB copy protection technology.
  • Dinkey Pro/FD

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    USB dongle-based software protection and licensing
  • Optical Discs

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    Protect software and data files on TrusCont Enhanced DVD-R discs. The files are locked to the disc itself. The special disc can be used on any computer without internet connection but cannot be copied by any means. In addition, you can also limit the use of the disc to a specific number of computers, users, or a network domain.
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    The most cutting edge technology in duplication, our USB drive duplicator is professional, standalone and efficient. It can duplicate a full range of USB drives starting from 4 and up to 119 targets. Speed and flexibility are key factors in satisfying customer needs. Simplicity, a PC or other software are not required; the USB drive duplicator provides a reliable, worry-free copy environment for users, without the risk of virus corruption. This USB duplicator series is integrated with a high-speed compare function to ensure data copies with 100% accuracy. It also boasts quick format capabilities. These features greatly increase efficiency and production productivity. The USB drive duplicator is not only competent, but also has several ingenious smart device check functions; flash devices quality check, real capacity, device speed and formatting. The USB drive duplicator is an economical solution for data copy and disposal via USB flash drives. It contains smart, reliable and beneficial functions that provide an outstanding performance with quality that will save you time and money.